Welcome to the Gotham Wound Care Center.

The Gotham Wound Care Center is a comprehensive outpatient treatment center for patients with all types of wounds of the leg, foot and ankle.  In the future, we will be expanding to treat wounds of other parts of the body, however, for now we are limited the extremity of the foot & ankle.


We are staffed at our current location by board-certified podiatrists.  We work very closely with other specialties, such as vascular surgery and plastic surgery.  We also work very closely with primary care physicians and endocrinologists.


We most often treat wounds of the lower extremity related to diabetes and vascular diseases.  However, we treat wounds also associated with many different pathologies.

Every wound is different.


At your very first visit we will create a customized approach to your wound care.  Our specialists will first identify the cause of your non-healing wound.  Once the cause of the wound is identified, a treatment plan is devised to improve the underlying factors that are keeping the wound open.  Once optimized, we will perform treatment, usually on a weekly basis, to get the wound to get smaller and eventually heal.


Some examples of the methodologies that we used to reduce the size, and heal wounds include: offloading pressure points, controlling infections, edema control, removal of unhealthy tissue, optimizing vascularity, innovative dressing materials, innovative topical applications, skin grafting including cellular biological topicals, hyperbaric oxygen, and the new DermaPACE procedure.

Additionally, our surgeons are well versed in knowing when surgical intervention, whether early or later, is indicated.  Plus many more methodologies.

Common causes of wounds we treat.

Referring physicians

At the Gotham Wound Care Center, we get referrals from many different types of physicians.

Endocrinologist  and Internists.

The most common types of referrals we get are diabetic patients from endocrinologists. We are also given many referrals of diabetic patients from internists and family doctors.


Although we are podiatrists, we receive many referrals from other podiatrists. Many podiatrists are trained and skilled treating wounds, but rather would not in their offices. They prefer to send their wound care patients to our wound care center for treatment. Wound care is very time consuming and usually requires weekly treatments. Referring their wound care patients to us leaves them with more time to treat the other elective pathologies that they prefer.

Surgical complications.

Another common referral we get is the treatment of postoperative wound complications after surgery. While every surgeon is knowledgeable and skilled in the treatment of postoperative wounds, they also prefer to send these patients to our wound care center. Again, wound care can be very time consuming. Referring their postoperative complications to us, leaves them more time to treat other pathologies and to do surgeries. They know that their patients be well taken care of at our wound care center, and once they are healed, we send the patients back to the original surgeon for continued care.

Urgent Care Clinics and Walk-in Clinics.

We also see many patients that are referred to us from urgent care and walk-in clinics. These patient usually have wounds that are due to some kind of mild trauma or a laceration. Urgent care clinics see many more small and superficial wounds than the emergency room does. The model of the urgent care clinic is to treat a patient acutely to stabilize them, and then to refer them out for continued care. We work very closely with urgent care clinics to ensure that patients with lacerations and wounds are well taken care of going forward after the acute episode.

Team Approach

At the Gotham Wound Care Center, we use a team approach to healing wounds. Our physician specialists work closely together along with our nurses and administrative staff to provide a superior approach to wound care.

The Gotham Wound Care Center is currently in transition. We are awaiting the opening of our new flagship office in Midtown Manhattan.

Currently, we are only staffed by podiatrist physicians. Once we move to our new location, will have a comprehensive team of podiatrists, vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, general surgeons, endocrinologists, internal medicine physicians, orthotics and prosthetics pedorthotist, noninvasive vascular testing laboratory, and hyperbaric oxygen.

Until we move into our new office, all these specialties are available at different locations via referrals.