About Us

Gotham Footcare is the parent practice of The Gotham Wound Care Center.

Gotham Footcare was founded in 2012 as a solo practitioner and has grown to include a large group of podiatrists. With extensive experience and training, the physicians at Gotham Footcare are leaders in their field and experts in all pathology and treatment of the foot and ankle. They all have training in podiatric surgery, general podiatry, and wound care.

We are proud and fortunate to participate with Sanuwave in the clinical trial of the dermaPACE® wound healing device. As the first office in all of New York State, Sanuwave has chosen our practice to participate in their clinical studies as experts in leg, foot and ankle wound care. All of the Gotham Footcare doctors have many years of experience working in hospital and out-patient settings helping patients heal from chronic, non-healing wounds. We are pleased to be able to add the dermaPACE® device to our many conservative and surgical treatment methods of healing chronic foot wounds.

Wound Healing by DermaPACE

We are currently participating in the U.S. Investigational Device Exemption Clinical Trial of the SANUWAVE dermaPACE® device.

SANUWAVE dermaPACE® device employs the PACE technology.  The lead device for the global wound care market, dermaPACE®, is approved for use outside the United States (CE Marked) for advanced wound care indications and is currently being studied in a U.S-based supplemental pivotal clinical trial for diabetic foot ulcers.

The doctors at Gotham Footcare are passionate about helping patients with chronic wounds.  According to the American Diabetes Association (the “ADA”), 23.6 million people in the United States have diabetes, 57 million are pre-diabetic and 15% of people with diabetes will acquire a non-healing ulcer in their lifetime. AdvaMed states that over 1.5 million diabetic foot ulcers occur annually, are a recurrent condition, and lead to over 82,000 amputations each year.

Our goal at the Gotham Wound Care Center is to prevent amputations from happening. We evaluate and treat every patient differently. We take great pride and being experts in the many different approaches to wound care. With the introduction of the SANUWAVE dermaPACE device, we are very excited to add this new ground breaking technology to our arsenal of wound care techniques. The dermaPACE technology is the most exciting technology introduced to wound care since 1995 when the negative pressure wound VAC was FDA approved. We have seen excellent results and our initial treatments and experience with this device. Along with traditional wound care practices the dermaPACE procedure as proven to be very effective.